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SDEK Yandex.Food traffic police Wildberries VTB and other companies was posted on the Internet. What should be done to prevent this from happening? Victor Vyacheslavovna Technical Director USCB Question: What information security facilities are gaining the most popularity in ? Pavel Lutsik Business Development and Partner Relations Director CryptoPro Question: What directions of development do you observe in the markets of electronic signature and cryptography? Ivan Chernov Development Manager UserGate Question: How to protect companies from cybersecurity threats using Open Source? Ivan Ermakov Senior Vice President of the MONT group of companies Question: Recommendations for information security specialists on the search for domestic.

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Analogues didn’t make a reservation: how to protect yourself from vacation fraud schemes The desire to save money on a ticket can turn into a loss of money and a spoiled vacation The summer vacation season is preparing more and more threats from intruders for Russians. As a Kazakhstan Mobile Number List  rule scammers use either a simple scam or its combination with phishing schemes. Information security specialists told Izvestia about the five most dangerous fraudulent practices as well as ways to avoid them. Fake Ticket Sites To date cyber scammers have learned how to skillfully copy popular sites selling air and railway tickets and hotel.

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Reservations so the main threat is of course phishing websites warns Dmitry Ovchinnikov chief specialist of the Gazinformservice complex information security systems department. The scheme is arranged as follows: when searching for tickets the user gets to a phishing Business Lead aggregator site through which he purchases tickets. Naturally he does not receive any tickets but loses important information or money. In order not to get caught use the official websites of airlines to purchase tickets carefully read the information when making a payment: to whom and for what you pay. Remember that saving rubles on an order when buying through a dubious site you can lose a lot more.