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Content design, how to win the challenge 

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I find designing B2B content to be a fascinating challenge . To win it you need competence, experience, but above all passion. And so far, nothing new.   The greater complexity of journeys compared to the B2C macrocosm is perceptible, but the charm of designing effective content for different personas derives from this , each with: The complexity reaches mind-boggling levels when, in 90% of the cases, we are told that “ our interlocutor is the decision-maker A, who however has to go through B and sometimes convince C ”.  

This is why content design

How to do? Basically, the content must capture the former, but it can provide elements useful for convincing others, who will then be provided with Indonesia Phone Number List ad hoc content.  is fundamental in B2B : for example, whoever reads the landing page must find content in 10 seconds that ” blocks ” him on the page for the next minute, in which we can extend the range towards further solutions to his pains , and possibly provide insights for other professionals involved in the sales cycle.  

All of this only works if, in addition to a valid strategy, its execution, the supervision of the various channels and data analysis,

Complex? Absolutely yes. Fascinating? Even more

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The good news is that, as I mentioned, there aren’t many B2B companies that can count on content design worthy of the name. The opportunity to Business Lead differentiate one’s experience from that of competitors thus becomes interesting and very profitable. However, one piece is missing, which may not have a direct bearing on design but is essential for the success of the contents: one’s own communication style . Very few companies have it, but standardization does not lead to anything good in this area.

the content is designed in an ideal way according to who must read it and the stage of the journey in which it is located.  

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