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ON their interests. Let’s take a closer look at some of the pages of the online store, on which blocks of product recommendations were introduced: We welcome new customers and regular customers with different recommendations The home page greets visitors in different ways. It is difficult for beginners to concentrate and immediately start choosing products, so they can be offered the store’s bestsellers – products that a large number of other customers are interested in. And for those buyers who are already familiar with the site and the range, and may have already made purchases, selections of goods are shown based on their interests and history of actions.

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Product recommendation blocks We help with the choice in the category of goods Even if a client visited a certain category in an online store, this does not mean that he wants to get Tunisia Mobile Number List acquainted with all its products, especially when there are a lot of them, as in the 7 Seeds store. To facilitate its Customer Journey, it is important to provide a convenient view of the positions of interest. Therefore, here the buyer will see top products that are bought on the site more often than others, which will help gardeners and gardeners make a faster choice in anticipation of the new planting season.

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Recommendations on the category page In the card we recommend alternative and related products If the client went to the product card, he significantly reduced the range of his interests and, based on the available data, he can be offered the most relevant Business Lead recommendations. Moreover, it is better to demonstrate two selections: an alternative one, in case the product in the card does not suit the buyer, and related products, those that will complement the position from the card if the client makes a choice in its favor. For example, it can be green seeds in addition to tomatoes.

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