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Think twice risk once As we have already said risks must be avoided using any available opportunities and means for this. If you have not yet automated checking the counterparty for integrity and risk assessment in contractual activities you have problems not only because of the sanctions. Here are just some of the potential threats: tax problems as you can choose the wrong counterparties; corruption problems due to nontransparent supplier selection; financial problems for your company if you accidentally ship the goods to someone in a state of bankruptcy Denis Seleznev First Form warns.

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Now when logical chains are being rebuilt parallel imports are officially allowed and new players appear on the market it is easy to run into scammers. Therefore it is important to automate processes immediately and not rebuild on paper otherwise you will simply Iceland Mobile Number List stop the business. There are a lot of solutions on the market choose what will allow you to start quickly and then bring the system to the ideal. Denis Seleznev First Form Today any domestic company needs to pay attention to risk management. Diagnose your IT infrastructure: what vulnerabilities do you.

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Have what threats do you have and what damage can this cause to your business. Then plan when what threat and how you will fight. If you build a competent plan you will minimize the consequences of restructuring. However it is unlikely that you will be able to effectively analyze the threat model on your own. It is better to involve a specialized company that will Business Lead make an independent assessment. This will allow management to make an informed decision as to whether a particular risk is worth the cost of reducing it. We need to plan the implementation of projects and rely on the solutions of such vendors that have real production resources.