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MLM Article Marketing Can Build Your MLM Busines

 Micro Focus Complete solution Angara Security Under the current conditions companies often have to change approaches to building information security systems look for new solutions (including import-independent ones) and organize a truly layer defense. Angara Security which has been providing comprehensive information security services under a single brand since February  was recogniz as one of the fastest growing companies in Russia in – . The company’s partners are more than 1 vendors including a wide range of Russian IT and information security companies.

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Angara Security implements projects for customers from various industries – the public sector the banking industry telecom retail and industry. The company has accumulat expertise in all key areas of information security – from consulting to commercial SOC. At a recent webinar Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List Angara Security experts shar their assessments of the prospects for the Russian IT industry in the face of sanctions risks and tips for protecting corporate information infrastructure. In particular the founder and CEO of the company Sergey Sherstobitov confirm that in recent years competitive domestic products have appear on the Russian information.

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Security market in the vast majority of areas. Interest in them today is shown not only by state-own companies that are under the threat of sanctions but also by all commercial companies that ne to ensure more reliable uninterrupt operation of IT systems. Timur Business Lead Zinnyatullin director of Angara SOC at the same event spoke about the principles of building a layer defense of the organization’s IT perimeter and an integrat approach to the strategy of companies in the field of information security. To implement this integrat approach the company offers a range of services. It includes: connection to Angara SOC – a monitoring.

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