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Award at the London Indian Film Festival

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 Once we know these numbers, we can start thinking and testing how we can improve them. Why are these the most important? Because when we get more people to click on the sales page and from the sales page to checkout and more people to buy, we do more business. Best of all, a large part of the work has already been done, so the workload will not increase any more. 17 elements Register statement and data protection Next, I’ll give you 5 steps on how to write a sales page that will definitely bring in sales: 1. Know your own customer  page have a significant impact on the atmosphere of your sales page.

The style, structure and angle of the sales

 When you know and know your own customers better than they know themselves, you know how to write text that special data interests them and resonates with them without manipulation. Remember that your dream client is not a 25-65 year old woman who lives in the city. When you write a sales copy for him, everyone who can relate to the content will buy your course, coaching or service. How you succeed: do regular market research compile questions that your current customers ask research what kind of problems and challenges your current customers had before they became your customers interview customers In the content academy, I give you ready-made questions that will help you figure these things out. 2. Test style, emotions and angles We can always assume things, but the surest way is to test.

A dream customer is one person

What style appeals to your potential customers, what emotions make them react? Which point of view hits them like a nose in the head? These are important  Business Lead and surprisingly easy to figure out. How you succeed: make social media posts with different styles, emotions and angles see which posts are most commented, saved and forwarded form a picture of what appeals to your potential customers the best use this information when writing the sales page. 3. Write two different versions Write both long and short sales text. You can also write two different versions and do an A/B test to see which one gets you more purchases. 

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