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That Is Effective and Safe Therefore

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Hosting a diverse cult. which integrates all the gods that can be worship. would be taking a decisive step after the fall of this twilight: “It would be a supreme achievement on the part of the Church: it would perish bowing before its victims… There are signs that announce that feel the temptation [to do so].” (Cioran. 2012. p. 32). The fateful demiurge. Not only  by EM Cioran “Paleontology” – a text conceiv from an anecdotal visit to a museum. seeking shelter from a sudden rain. which gives Cioran the opportunity to develop a funereal speech that goes through the seasons of deterioration. rot and extinction – is dicat to ruminate thoughts about the inexorable and scandalous disintegration of life and its perishable emblem: the flesh. The reflection on the “dreadful expiration” of the flesh. of the body.

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That aggregate of substances and elements that one day will capitulate before the irruption of death – definitive return to nothingness. final spectacle and dissolver b2b leads of everything that has ever breath -. finds its terrible conclusion in this paralyzing statement: «(…) the animat seems guilty with respect to the inert; “Not only Life is a state of guilt. A state all the more serious because no one is truly aware of it.” (Cioran. 2012; p. 38). And it seems to be like this. in effect: man goes through life with the serenity of a sleepwalker walking on the ge of a lge. We are locat in the very center of an essential disaster.

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We are part of a crazy experiment that oscillates between the uncertainty of its inexplicable origin and the useless certainty of its end. Not only However. man clings with excessive zeal to existence. turning his back on the evidence of his failure. reluctant to recognize his insignificance. all the more noticeable the greater the proportion and diversity of scourges that life presents: the only thing that matters Business Lead is living; live just because. Not only That shocking passage that I saw in a book that was read by an anonymous Metropolitano user. who turn out to be the one I am now reviewing. and gave me the opportunity to write a post about its author.It is found in the fourth set of fragments that.

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