The basic concept from which to start in the design

The basic concept from which to start in the design and creation of an e-commerce site for fashion. Clothing and luxury is. Therefore. That online tools are no longer conceiv as an accessory support to the physical store. But as an essential element for the brand and its sales. Find out how we can bring your business online and improve your sales performance. Contact us now and we will present you with all the details of our integrat e-commerce solution tailor-made for you.

Over 2 million online customers in 2020

The data from the first half of 2020 underlin how the pandemic has substantially special data influenc the evolution of the online presence of the italian food sector. “Food & beverage” has undergone an acceleration into the future: in a few months there has been a leap forward of at least 5 years.It therefore appears evident. Also in light of the current health emergency still underway.

The approach to a different type of purchase

The importance of creating a direct relationship with the customer through Business Lead digitalisation. The creation or optimization of e-commerce sites and dialogue through social mia and email. For food. Digital . As stat by davide casaleggio himself. Ceo & partner of casaleggio associati. Is no longer a choice .

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