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Kumkum Bhavya earn her the esteem

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Both have good and bad sides. I personally like to do these limited bouts, which I call launching. two weeks. After that, marketing activities – and sales – stopped. You might also like: Online learning is a $325 billion market Marketing channels I had several marketing channels. I’ll go through them one by one below. product,  marketing actually has to be done. I was “fed” with the idea that it is enough to make a product, put it on sale and run ads. Everything else takes care of itself. Of course, that’s not how it goes. Although we operate online, this is ultimately a customer service business. The better you are able to serve the customer online, the more sales you can make. Facebook community In November 2015, when I started my company, a Facebook community with 22,000-25,000 members.

 I had a Dream of Happiness blog and

Among other things, I published these cover photos on the FB page: , I marketed it with this cover image: Marketing and sales of my first digital product Dream of Happiness blog I wrote a few posts on the subject on the blog. However, at this stage I already experienced some kind of bad conscience (impostor syndrome perhaps), because new data I didn’t know how to combine the realization of dreams and financial management under the same roof (i.e. the blog). it would be good for the economy to have its own website, even though I never officially got it done. Before I founded the blog.

I already felt at this point that

These posts can still be found on the old blog, which is Business Lead  maintained today by Lauri Mäkinen: Why is it important for women to know financial matters? Is financial independence possible to achieve? Email marketing Before the e-book was ready, I had amassed a waiting list. The purpose of the waiting list is to gather people interested in the topic under one roof. I sent regular messages to these people telling them about the finances and what was going on behind the scenes regarding the e-book. I sent small sneak peek things to read and asked about ten readers to read through the e-book and give feedback and suggestions for development. the sales page of the book. 

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