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Call Center to Generate Leads and Close Sales

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Customers leave and reduce their churn using a system analysis of customer data: case 08 Jul 2021 cases-petshop Customer churn is a sore subject for many companies. One way or another, customers leave, but every business is able to take control of the Churn Rate and systematically work to reduce it. Vyacheslav Imambaev, Marketing Director of Retail Rocket, talks about how to organize a study of customer churn, evaluate the results and make this work systematic, in a case study with, an online store for pet products, and the Clientomania agency. Brief summary is a hypermarket of goods for animals.

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More than 14 years on the market. The assortment includes more than 20,000 SKUs. Today, there are 206 retail outlets in 34 Russian cities. The main goal of the retailer was to Costa Rica Mobile Number List organize systematic work to reduce the outflow of customers: to investigate the causes and develop effective solutions to the problems that cause customers to leave. As a solution , we proposed to segment the audience using the Customer Intelligence system and track the movement of the segments in dynamics: measure the Retention Rate, Churn Rate and other indicators.

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Determine the level of customer churn in each segment, conduct a study of the reasons for the churn and outline solutions for each reason. The result of the work was a methodology that allows you to systematically monitor the outflow of customers and find out the reasons Business Lead  for the departure of customers. In this case, we focus on the research process and methodology: how to organize customer churn research and what to do with the results. How to understand why customers leave and reduce their churn using a system analysis of customer data: case “Retention can be broken down into 2 phases: increasing repeat purchases and decreasing churn.

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