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Their products in Russia no longer function and services are not provide. The departure of foreign vendors from Russia has undermine confidence in them and not only among Russian customers says Igor Beerov head of the department of information and analytical research at Thunder. Their actions have shown that they are politically dependent and can influence their clients at the request of the government in connection with this Russian customers will massively switch to domestic solutions he believes. Russian vendors have high-quality encryption tools as well as antiviruses firewalls and information leakage control tools says Lukatsky.

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However the country almost completely lacks a class of innovative tools – solutions for protecting virtualization and cloud security for working in high-load networks there are not a large number of information security products using machine learning the expert Japan Phone Number List note. According to him to develop such products from scratch it will take at least a year just to create a prototype.Analyst warns about the dangers of online payments via VPN Analyst Angara Security Lenovo warne about the dangers of online payments via VPN When paying through.

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An unverifie VPN on a site with the abbreviation http in the address bar of the resource payment data can be receive by the VPN provider. . When paying on a site with the abbreviation http there is no such data encryption and they can be intercepte. It can be logins passwords Business Lead bank card details. If when paying on such a site (http – e.) the user has an untruste VPN enable you nee to remember that the traffic will go through third-party uncontrolle servers as a result of which payment data can be receive by the VPN provider. When a site uses https this option is usually not available. In this case problems can also come from the program itself to bypass locks.

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