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No the TOP- best employers in Russia according

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OF digital hygiene and simple methods for checking sites for reliability will help to significantly reduce the likelihood of meeting with Internet scammers. For example according to Egorov both on May holidays and on any other days users should check the age of sites with payment functions that they enter for the first time. Especially if these sites offer services on behalf of well-known brands. It is important to remember that when you go to the site you need to analyze it: check the domain name and age. Often attackers register domains that are consonant with popular brands. Whois services will show how long ago a domain was registered.

The seriousness of intentions in this matter

The age of the site should be alert from one to several months the expert said. For the same reason Yevgeny Gnedin director of the Information Security Analytics Department at Positive Technologies recommended not to go to the websites of well-known organizations Ireland Mobile Number List using links from instant messengers social networks and emails. According to him it will be more reliable to type the site address in the browser manually. So the probability of getting on a fake copy of a popular resource is significantly reduced. We recommend that you do not click on links from advertising messages especially if the source of the message is not familiar to you and you should not click on advertising banners on sites he said.

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IN turn Alexander Dvoryansky recalled that on the eve of the holidays it is imperative to warn elderly relatives about potential threats on the network since it is they who due to the low level of digital literacy are often the targets of intruders.Angara Security increased Business Lead revenue by % in April Moscow — The total revenue of Angara Security for the financial year increased by % and amounted to . billion rubles. This made it possible to maintain leadership in the information security industry in terms of growth rates.

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